Company Management

Managing Director: Mr. Udi Hess

B.Sc. Agriculture – faculty of Agriculture, Hebrew University, Israel
MBA – university of Tel Aviv, Israel Experienced managements skills in various agriculture farming and seed business

Production manager: Mr.Danny Voloch

B.Sc. Agriculture – faculty of Agriculture, Hebrew University, Israel

Agridera - Finance Manager Miss Shelly MilbergFinance Manager: Miss Shelly Milberg

BA in Economics from Ben Gurion University
MBA from the College of Management
Experience of 18 years in finance

Agridera - R&D Manager and Tomato Breeder Raviv AzariR&D Manager and Tomato Breeder: Dr.Raviv Azari 

Faculty of plant genetic, Hebrew University, Israel

Agridera - Vegetables Product Marketing Manager Vegetables Product & Marketing Manager: Mr. Ayham Azaiza

M.Sc. Economics, Marketing and Management in Agriculture,
Hebrew University, Faculty of Agriculture.

Agridera - Yonadav Breitman Plant ManagerPlant Manager: Mr. Yonadav Breitman

Experience of 14 years in seed processing treatments.

Agridera - Nimrod Tzur – Farm ManagerFarm Manager: Mr. Nimrod Tzur

Experience of 30 Years in farming practices ,Open field crop and vegetables.

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