Plant  Services for Seed Processing

Plant Services for Seed Processing

The factory has been in service for nearly 60 years and is well-equipped with advanced technology and machines, which are divided into five production lines designed for seed processing, cleaning, sorting, disinfection, and packaging. Lines are chosen in accordance with the amount and type of seeds that arrive for treatment.
There is a large winnower with a capacity of 56 tons per day, a medium winnower with a capacity of 10 tons per day, and a small winnower with a capacity of 3 tons per day. There is a winnowing system for edible seeds and a seed gravity table, which does not come into contact with any disinfectants.
We utilize the facility for our own purposes, in addition to providing services to external companies and farmers. Our extensive experience enables us to provide a wide range of services, as well as comprehensive responses to farmer’s needs when it comes to seed care.
Our service is professional and reliable, thanks to the decades-long experience of our employees and our tradition of being service-oriented. 
Service details:
A winnowing and griding array, along with a gravity table, for small weights for vegetable seeds, such as pepper and tomato seeds.
Improving germination results by using a gravity table.
Processing field crop seeds, i.e. wheat, clover, chick-peas, vetches, and watermelon seeds.
Facility for the production and disenfection of vegetable seeds, TSP disinfection, including oven drying and in drying rooms designated for this purpose.
Cleaning and sorting seeds for edible purposes, such as chick-peas, legumes, and lentils.
Seed-packaging services in 20-25 kg sacks, in addition to packaging services in small sacks with the assistance of a seed counting machine, which package by seed number, not weight.
Coating seeds in certain colors to give an appearance of uniformity during the combined phase of sowing and disinfection.
Agridera's laboratory, which provides unofficial germination testing services at competitive and attractive prices.