Company Profile

AGRIDERA Seeds & Agriculture Ltd.

For over seven decades, Agridera Seeds & Agriculture, founded in 1952 by a group of farmers and academics, serves the farming community. As an integrated seed company, we specialize in breeding high-quality field crops and vegetable seeds and producing, processing, and marketing the seeds of such varieties worldwide.

Being innovative and quality driven, we push our limits to excel in everything we do. 

We have strong breeding programs for wheat, barley, clover, and tomato (determinate and indeterminate varieties). Aiming to enhance sustainability and environmental preservation, we focus on breeding highly adaptable varieties to challenging climatic conditions, resistance to important diseases, and tolerance to various stress conditions.

The production and processing of our seeds are at a high level of expertise. Breeding, seed production, and processing activities are carried out in our 200 Ha. Farm. Quality is key in everything we do. Strict QA procedures at our in-house labs enable us to supply our customers time and again with excellent high-vigor and genetically pure seeds.

All of our activities are farmer-centric. Our marketing and sales teams consist of professional and experienced agronomists in direct contact with the farmers. Our services include consultancy regarding the choice of varieties and agrotechnical guidance and support to ensure maximization of yield and quality that result in high profitability. Our commitment to our client's prosperity stems from the fact that we see ourselves as our clients’ partners in their success.


The efforts we have made since our foundation until today to provide our customers with great varieties, high-quality seeds, and attentive service rewarded us with a large and loyal clientele.


With the help of our advanced R&D, we develop excellent varieties that meet our client’s requirements.



About us

All of our activities focus on farmers. Our personnel are in direct contact with growers in order to better assess their needs and assist in a variety of selections, as well as to guide and support them throughout the stages of growth. Our cooperation and committment support the development and prosperity of our clients’ business activities.

We see ourselves as partners in promoting farmers in Israel and across the globe. We devote significant efforts in fostering new markets in the developing world. We invest effort and knowledge in providing solutions to the challenges facing our customers in all corners of the world.

Our varieties, vegetables, field crops, and hybrids excel at adapting to growth in challenging environmental conditions because we have cultivated their disease tolerance and ability to grow in a variety of conditions. Increased field tolerance means less need for chemical use. In this way, we contribute to environmental preservation and sustainability.

For its R&D purposes, Agridera conducts numerous cooperation’s in the field
of agricultural and genetic research with top ranking academic institutes, such as:
Agridera Ltd. is an official member of the seeds sector at the Federation
of Israeli Chambers of Commerce and International Seed Federation (ISF).