AGRIDERA Seeds & Agriculture Ltd. Company profile

In 1952, seven families from the town of Gedera in central Israel founded Agridera Ltd. as a private Israeli company.

Up until 2000, the company’s name was “Zeraim Gedera” and it bred, produced and sold seeds for vegetables and open field crops.

In 2000, the company’s shareholders decided to separate the company into two independent entities – one company kept the original name, “Zeraim Gedera”, and continued its activity in the field of vegetables seeds only, and the other company was named “Agridera Seeds and Agriculture” and initially devoted its activity to the development of seeds for field crops and crop management services. Today, “Agridera Seeds and Agriculture” independently breeds, produces and sells worldwide seeds for open field crops, vegetables and cut flowers. In addition, it continues to provide crop management services to itself as well as to external agricultural companies.

As a seed producing company, Agridera is active in three main seed business areas:
Field crop seeds – wheat, barley, legumes, malali watermelon for confection.
Vegetables seeds – hybrids of open field tomatoes, hybrids of hot peppers, eggplants, determinate cherry tomatoes, hybrids of patio tomatoes.
Ornamental seeds – hybrids of ornamental sunflowers.

Agridera owns 200 hectares of agricultural fields in which it conducts the necessary R&D and production activities as a seed company.

In addition, Agridera grows field crops such as cotton, chickpeas, sweet corn and other crops and vegetables for the local market.

Today, Agridera is a leading player in the field crops sector in Israel. It is also a supplier of seeds to different markets worldwide, especially of ornamental sunflower, legume, hybrid tomato and wheat seeds.

For its R&D purposes, Agridera conducts numerous cooperation’s in the field of agricultural and genetic research with top ranking academic institutes, such as:
– Weizmann Institute of Science
– The Volcani Institute
– The Hebrew University in Jerusalem

Agridera Ltd. is an official member of the seeds sector at the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce

We are also members of the International Seed Federation (ISF).


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