Agridera’s breeding platform






Wheat and Barley

Agridera Ltd. is a leading company of spring type wheat breeding in Israel and holds a 45% share of the market. The size of this market share derives from early varieties suitable for short rain seasons. All of our spring type wheat varieties have a high hectolitre weight, are resistant to foliar diseases and are suitable for semi-mechanized bread making

Hybrid Ornamental Sunflower

Agridera Ltd. hybrid ornamental sunflower varieties are suitable for the Dutch auction requirements as well as the requirements of numerous other international flower markets. Our varieties excel in their earliness, allowing a shorter season and enabling additional growing cycles. Other varieties are relatively daylight neutral, a unique and distinctive characteristic.


Several years ago, Aagridera Ltd. initiated a full-scale tomato-breeding program. Our variety segments are bush type determinate tomatoes, and indeterminate varieties for open field growing. These varieties are adapted to the Middle Eastern climate and other climates such as that of South America and South Africa.

In order to reinforce the company’s product portfolio, Agridera’s breeding team maintains ongoing cooperation with world leading scientists from Israeli research institutes such as the Weizmann Institute of Science, the Volcani institute and the Hebrew University‚Äôs Faculty of Agriculture, as well as research institutes abroad and international companies.

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