Agridera””s breeding platform

Agridera is a leading company of wheat breeding in Israel and holds a market share of 45%. The size of this market share derives from the quality of its” varieties, their suitability to baking, their yields and their resistance to various diseases. The wheat varieties that Agridera breeds have high yields, a high hecto-liter weight in a wide span of growing conditions, they are resistant to the main diseases and are suitable for growing in rough conditions. Agridera breeds extreme early varieties, suitable to a short rain season.

Agridera cotton varieties are of Pima and Akala types. The pima varieties are suitable for growth in short summer conditions and have high quality fibers and high yields. These varieties are at the commercial stage of entering the Israeli market and are designated to replace the current leading varieties. Also the varieties are currently being tested in additional markets.

The ornamental sunflower hybrid varieties are Agridera”s flag product. The varieties suit the Dutch auctions” requirements as well as requirements of numerous other international markets. They excel in their earliness, allowing to shorten the season and enable additional growing cycles. Other varieties are relatively daylight neutral, a unique and distinctive characteristic. Agridera holds tight relationships with distributors and growers worldwide.

Agridera is developing and producing lines of hybrid patio tomatoes varieties. currently the company starts a full scale breeding program focused on developing new open field tomatoes varieties. This program is forecasted on introducing commercial varieties in a time span of 2-3 years.

In order to reinforce the company product portfolio, Agridera”s breeding team maintains ongoing cooperation with world leading scientists from Israeli research institutes such as Weismann science institute, Volcany institute and the Hebrew University Faculty of Agriculture, as well as research institutes abroad and international companies

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