We in Agridera believe that in order to promote today''s global agriculture it is essential to assist to the grower''s benefit, profit and wellbeing, along with satisfying the needs of the final consumer, pricewise and quality wise. All these should be kept in a manner that will respect environmental friendly principles.

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Agridera invested in Econaf, an Agro-Biotech company developing superior forms of kenaf seeds to generate ncreased yield of kenaf natural fibers as commercial feedstock for industrial applications in automotive, building, paper and reclamation industries.

Agridera Seeds is breeding and developing high quality tomato hybrids adapted for the Mediterranean surrounding countries using advanced molecular technology research combined with classic breeding techniques.

We will offer highly resistance TYLCV Determinate and Semi-Determinate Tomatoes for open field and indeterminate tomato for growing in greenhouses with high fruit quality, good flavor, long shelf life, with additional resistances like TSWV, Nematode and other disease resistances.

Agridera also breeds successful patio varieties cooperating with Pro-veg seeds LTD.

A recent research shows that sunflowers were found extremely efficient in absorbing radioactive particles. Japan is showing big interest in sowing sunflower seeds and then burning the crop once radiactivite particles are fixated. See more in http:// goldsea.com/Text/index.php?id=10807

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